February 17, 2011

History of the team

Towson Cheerleading is an all girl squad made up of 23 girls coached by Edy Pratt and Nick Santolla.Our job is to cheer for football games and men and women’s basketball games. Last year the team attended NCA nationals for the first time and placed fourth in the All-Girl Division 1 category. This year will be their second year going to nationals. Only 20 of the girls are able to compete and the spots are constantly changing due to injuries and lack of skills.

December 6, 2010

How to Tailgate

Whenever a football game comes to mind, a tailgate comes along with having loud music, crazy fans and people just getting pumped for the game.

Tailgating is essential to some for a football game, it’s a great way to get pumped up for the game and great way to finish the day off and recap what happened.

To have a successful tailgate you want to remember a few things. First, try to arrive a couple of hours early or plan to stay a couple of hours after. Make sure you try to support your team by portraying their colors or finding anything else related to represent team pride. When it comes to accommodations try to have tables, chairs and tents for everyone to be comfortable. When dealing with food make sure to have coolers, grills and tableware. Bring food that will be easy to eat. You can change up the food each time by trying new recipes. Keep plenty of paper towels and garbage bags in handy. With table ware try to keep most things disposable so its easy to get rid of. These tips will help you to have a successful tailgate whether it’s getting ready for the game or celebrating after.

Towson student Mike Jasper explains how he tailgates for a football game to be wild and crazy. Jasper stated, “being in the Frat pike we make a Facebook event to get the word out and invite a lot of people. The essentials for a tailgate is hiring a DJ, buying a lot of beer to provide to everyone who attends, a generator and have a few trucks or cars to have an organized dance floor. There are also some other miscellaneous things such as silly string, or games to play. We charge about 3 to 5 dollars if someone is drinking.”

Towson parents of the cheerleading and football team try to represent black and gold all over their tailgates. They set up tables, chairs, tents and barbecues. The essentials are food, tableware, and drinks. The food that is cooked includes hamburgers, hotdogs, chili, coffee, chicken soup and anything else easy to grab. Everyone is excited and pumped for the game. The cheerleaders, dance team and band usually walk around pumping up the crowd by playing and singing the fight song. After the game they return to the tailgate again to celebrate with the players.

Tailgating is something for everyone to get together and have fun!  It’s all about bringing the fans together and showing spirit!

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December 4, 2010


1) What is some Information on Unitas Stadium?

Johnny Unitas Stadium was named after legendary NFL colts quarterback Johnny Unitas who passes away a couple of weeks after becoming the community liaison for the Athletic Department. It now ranks one of the third largest facility in the Metropolitan Baltimore area and holds 11,198 spectators.

2) Where to Tailgate?

The Tiger Tent Village in Lot 21 includes Family Fun Zone and for Football Alumni. Lot 20 is for Towson fans. The Student Tailgate is in Lot 14, also where visitors can tailgate. The Minnegen Room in the field house where VIPs can watch from inside over the field.

3) Rules of Tailgating?

-21 Years old to purchase, possess, consume, transport or store alcoholic beverages

-Tailgating starts 3 hours before game and ends 15 minutes prior to game

-Tailgating is prohibited during the game and half time

4) Where to buy Tickets?

Tickets can be bought online at Towsontigers.com or on the phone at the Ticket Office at (410)704-2244 or at the Ticket office in the University Union

5) Price of the tickets?

-Students with a one card enter for free

-Advance tickets: Adults $12 Children $8

-On game day: Adults $15 Children $10

6) Where is Parking available:

All Towson Center Lots – 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21, Lot 11 outside of the Union Garage and the Union Garage. Towson offers shuttles from garages to the stadium.

7) Prices for parking?

For season parking it is $35 or  $8 per game.

8 ) Anything for the kids?

Kids can join docs junior tiger club. It is a fun and interactive all-sport group for young tiger fans. Kids will get extra benefits to meet student athletes, attend games and participate in promotions.

For anymore information check out Towsontigers.com


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December 3, 2010

The Spirit of Game Day

“Hail to the Towson Tigers, were true to the black and gold ” is what can be heard from Tiger fans in Johnny Unitas Stadium on game day at Towson University.

Towson football is in Division I in the NCAA, with a tough schedule. The games are held at Johnny Unitas Stadium which can hold over 11,000 spectators. This stadium has concession stands, a spirit shop and restrooms to accommodate tiger fans.

Game day starts off with most fans tailgating to get ready for the big game. No matter which tailgate you attend the colors black and gold, and tiger spirit are all around. Tailgate are divided up between parking lots for students, fans and visitors.

The game opens up with a performance from Towson’s marching band, playing favorites as Maryland’s State song and the national anthem. After the band’s performances, they form a “T” and play Towson’s fight song for the football team to run out to. The team rushes out of the tiger following the cheerleaders running out Towson’s flags.

The stands are filled with Tiger fans on both sections. Throughout the game you can find Doc, the band, pom squad and the cheerleaders pumping up the crowd. Fans fill the stadium cheering the fight song . As Rob Ambrose Towson’s head coach tries to lead his players to a victory.

Without all the support and details, game day at Towson would be incomplete. The spirit of game day relies on the players, coaches, staff, spirit groups and students.

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September 30, 2010

Cheerleaders in pants?

This year on the Towson University cheerleading team, there is something a little different. They

have a new addition to their team. To find out more about it click here

May 4, 2010

Towson Cheerleading goes to Nationals!

Towson University’s Cheerleading team made their dream come true this year by making it Nationals. Something that seemed impossible. For more coverage on the girls journey, Click Here