Week 9

Some succeed because they are destined to.
Bust most succeed because they are determined too

They day finally came. Towson’s cheerleading team was walking out on to the band shell for the first time ever. Twenty girls with big gold bows, holding hands with their chins up high were ready to prove themselves.

Wednesday morning, nationals were here. We were on our way to Daytona, Florida. Once arriving we had a team lunch and a practice in the arena. Our practice was not one of the best ones with the stress and pressure with teams all around us, our team was not focused. Our coach reminded us why we were here “for us”. We had a team talk and reminded each other what our goal was, “to make it to finals”.

The next day was prelims, this is where all the teams in your division compete and the top half advance to finals. This ended up being one of our worst performances; we rushed the counts, let our nerves get to us and didn’t stay focused. We had some touchdowns in our tumbling and our pyramid did not go up. We got off the floor and looked around with disappointment all that work we let nerves get to us. But we held our heads high and just waited for the scores we came in fourth place and advance to finals.

We were lucky, and we knew we weren’t going to allow that to happen again, we went back and practice more did what we were worried about. We gave each other confidence and the drive to show people how hard we worked and how good we are.

The next day was Finals. We all got up and watched our dance team who received first and it inspired us. That was our goal to just hit our routine. After spending hours of getting ready curling our hair and doing our makeup we were off to warm ups.

Well the moment was finally there, we were holding hands, praying for everything to hit, telling each other last little reminders and before we knew it we could hear our family and friends chanting TU! We knew it was our moment we had one shot and one opportunity. We walked out on that mat with our heads high and smiles on our faces we set in our spots and waited for the music to begin.

Once the music started you could see on our faces we were determined to hit this we were going to give it everything we had, and all of us did. We hit our routine, we reached our goal. We ended up placing third in the nation in division 1 all girl.


One Comment to “Week 9”

  1. That’s a very impressive result — congratulations!

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