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March 21, 2011

Week 5

Championships are not won at the competition.

They are won at practice.


Our goal this week was to work hard and be able to perform our routine. We had some tough practices, but by the end of the week we hit the routine for the first time and knew we were ready to perform it. We competed for our first time this year on Saturday.We hit our routine with some minor mistakes and won first place in our division! We also got an award for our dance and received the award of Grand Champions.

This gave our team such a great  confidence boost, but is only one of the steps towards nationals. Next week we need to make sure were working harder than ever and be able to add some more difficulty.

Think about what you can do on the mat to earn respect. Is it hitting that new, innovative stunt that has never been performed before? Or is it pushing your teammates to do their very best while competing and letting that love shine through the performance? – Tayler Easton

Pictures from competition:

By: Kim Legaspi

Next weeks goals:

-To make the routine better by making some changes and compete again on saturday