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March 13, 2011

Week 4

I believe in the impossible
If I reach deep within my heart
Overcome any obstacle
Won’t let this dream fall apart
See I strive to be the very best
Shine my light for all to see
Cause anything is possible
When you believe

Photo by: Kim Legaspi


A bond a cheerleading team shares is very dependable on every member. As my coach Nick Santolla says “Our team is like a blood clot.” Our team looked at him confused. He explained, that no matter what our team sticks together, when someone is hurt or upset the whole team runs to that individual, we care about each other and will always be there for one another.

This week was crunch time, it was the first time we ever ran the routine full out. Practices were tough and we know that they are only going to get harder. This is where my teammates, coaches, and myself realize how much we are a family. ” We need to lift as we climb” as my mother would say.

“Being a “cheerleader” means different things to different people… for some people being a cheerleader means adopting a new family.”  – Ryan Martin

Goals for next week:

-On Saturday the 19 we will be competing for the first time this season, our only goal is to hit the routine and have no mistakes.