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February 27, 2011

Week 2

When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream.

When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.

This week we focused on hitting the first half of the routine, but with some injuries and lack of time we were only able to perform a section of the routine at the last mens home game. Were now trying to make the transition from game ready to competition ready. Practices are becoming more intense, and coaches are starting to be more strict. It’s time to get focused and work even harder than we have all year.

“When competition practice starts, it’s a more serious attitude. It’s all about getting your stunt group to work as a machine and all be on the same page. Personally, a work-hard attitude is everything, and without it, your team will not succeed.” Bethany Harrell of

On Friday’s practice we did a team bonding activity where we all brought our socks in for nationals and wrote a quote that inspires us.

Goal for next week:

Keep running the full routine

All money is due March 1st for nationals.

How we fundraised :

-Worked at Ravens’ games handing out pamphlets or worked at the tents at the tailgates

-Worked competitions by helping judge, set up, and run warm up stations

-At football games we walked around the tailgates and asked for donations, explaining to fans that we were trying to raise money for nationals and telling them about our success last year and our goals for this year. We also did tuck for a buck, meaning girls on our team would throw standing tucks for fans at the tailgates for a dollar donation.

-Ask for family, friends, and businesses to sponsor us

Working at the Ravens game

February 20, 2011

Week 1

Never settle for less than your dreams

Somewhere someday somehow

You’ll find them just


This week our team’s goal was to try to learn the rest of the routine. We are increasing our difficulty this year from our routine last year, but we are still going for a clean look. This year we want to go to nationals with a routine that we feel confident about and know we can execute successfully. It is important not to put things in a routine just because they look good or have a high difficulty level. You want to be able to show good technique and hit your routine.

“The drive to be better than the other team should be changed to a drive to be the best “your team” that your team can be.” – The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators.

My personal goal for this week was to improve my full basket. Sadly, at Mondays practice Morgan, one of my bases, injured her hand catching me in my full. Luckily it is not broken and she will be fully participating again next week.

During this week at practice we did a team bonding activity. We all sat in a circle and explained something positive about our team and what inspires us. This helped us get motivated and keep a positive attitude to reach our goals.

Goals for next week:

Be able to hit the first half of our routine and perform it at our last home men’s basketball game on Feb 26.


February 17, 2011

History of the team

Towson Cheerleading is an all girl squad made up of 23 girls coached by Edy Pratt and Nick Santolla.Our job is to cheer for football games and men and women’s basketball games. Last year the team attended NCA nationals for the first time and placed fourth in the All-Girl Division 1 category. This year will be their second year going to nationals. Only 20 of the girls are able to compete and the spots are constantly changing due to injuries and lack of skills.