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December 6, 2010

How to Tailgate

Whenever a football game comes to mind, a tailgate comes along with having loud music, crazy fans and people just getting pumped for the game.

Tailgating is essential to some for a football game, it’s a great way to get pumped up for the game and great way to finish the day off and recap what happened.

To have a successful tailgate you want to remember a few things. First, try to arrive a couple of hours early or plan to stay a couple of hours after. Make sure you try to support your team by portraying their colors or finding anything else related to represent team pride. When it comes to accommodations try to have tables, chairs and tents for everyone to be comfortable. When dealing with food make sure to have coolers, grills and tableware. Bring food that will be easy to eat. You can change up the food each time by trying new recipes. Keep plenty of paper towels and garbage bags in handy. With table ware try to keep most things disposable so its easy to get rid of. These tips will help you to have a successful tailgate whether it’s getting ready for the game or celebrating after.

Towson student Mike Jasper explains how he tailgates for a football game to be wild and crazy. Jasper stated, “being in the Frat pike we make a Facebook event to get the word out and invite a lot of people. The essentials for a tailgate is hiring a DJ, buying a lot of beer to provide to everyone who attends, a generator and have a few trucks or cars to have an organized dance floor. There are also some other miscellaneous things such as silly string, or games to play. We charge about 3 to 5 dollars if someone is drinking.”

Towson parents of the cheerleading and football team try to represent black and gold all over their tailgates. They set up tables, chairs, tents and barbecues. The essentials are food, tableware, and drinks. The food that is cooked includes hamburgers, hotdogs, chili, coffee, chicken soup and anything else easy to grab. Everyone is excited and pumped for the game. The cheerleaders, dance team and band usually walk around pumping up the crowd by playing and singing the fight song. After the game they return to the tailgate again to celebrate with the players.

Tailgating is something for everyone to get together and have fun!  It’s all about bringing the fans together and showing spirit!

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